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Not just a calendar
for people who want to achieve more.

Week is designed to help you schedule your work and personal tasks.

No limited trial, our basic version is free.

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How does it work?


Gather all your tasks

As a busy person, you probably have a lot to think about. Don't clutter your head with all your tasks and duties. Unload them into Week, prioritize, set due dates, and categorize them with projects and tags.

  • Projects and tags

    Easily separate tasks by projects and spheres of your life.

  • Priority

    Never ask yourself what to do next.

  • Reminders

    Get notifications about upcoming tasks.

  • Statuses

    Keep track of your progress with 4 statuses.


Plan your day and week

We have various tools to assist you in scheduling your time for optimal results. You can arrange your time with broad strokes using time boxes or drag and drop tasks on the calendar for more precise planning.

  • Timeboxes

    Use them when you plan to work on some projects but don't know what exact tasks you are going to do.

  • Auto-schedule tasks

    Fill timeboxes with tasks automatically with just a click of a button based on their priority and due date.

  • Multiple timeslots

    You can schedule the same tasks multiple times, because we all get interrupted sometimes.

  • Stopwatch

    Track the time you have been working on a long task.


Keep important information close to tasks

Some tasks may take longer than you've expected. In this case it is crucial to track your progress and store task’s description, links and subtasks in one place. Week’s rich notes are here to save the day.

  • Command menu

    For quick access to all the features.

  • Subtasks

    Break down your tasks into smaller parts.

  • Integrations coming soon

    Paste links to your tasks from other services.